This New Camper Van By Hyundai Comes With An Amazing Penthouse Sundeck

The Korean conversion shop, Vantech has launched its Raccoon L which is a small camper that is the world’s first Staria camper van with unique features like a novel layout, electric pop-up sleeper roof, slide-out sundeck, and swing-out tailgate microwave.

Vantech is one of the first Staria camper van builders. this is because it has acquired ample experience in the field by working on Starex, before this van. A few weeks after the Hyundai was launched, the company got its hands on the model and applied the Starex Raccoon package over to the new van. in addition, it incorporated quite interesting and innovative mechanisms inside.

It has a dual-seat back recliner bench that provides more comfort and luxury. Push-button window tinting eradicates the need for blinds.

In the Starex Raccoon models, Vantech has a scissor-lift system to raise the entire roof to full height, which also increases space from inside.

The Staria will go on sale in select markets later this year

In addition, there is an attachable outdoor ladder that enables travelers to enjoy their tea or the views. If canvas panels are hung from the deck, it can function as a natural changing and toilet room.

There is a tailgate galley in place of a kitchen in the center. After opening the tailgate, there will be a large dual-zone fridge/freezer and a cutting-board-topped plumbing unit with sink/shower sprayer and attachable shrinkable sink basin.

The van does not have a stive inside. Travelers will have to arrange for a portable stove or grill. However, it has a microwave in a swing-out upper console that also has a glass-faced cupboard. The kitchen side and the microwave can be slid which gives more space for luggage.

The price of the van is yet to be disclosed. The company has been exhibiting the new Staria at RV shows across South Korea, including the Suwon show this past weekend.

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