This New Bot Can Sort Recyclables – And It Is Called TrashBot

In today’s world, when the majority of the population is moving towards urbanization, waste disposal has become a pressing concern. Each day, millions of tonnes of plastic waste is being sacked, which is also posing an imminent threat to our environment. In order to go towards sustainability and to harness the potential of an effective waste management system, AMP Robotics has introduced an effective strategy that can easily sort out the recyclable material from the waste and classify it into different integrated containers. The technology consists of a picker and a conveyor belt system that can effectively separate recycled material from trash through the use of an automated system.

In addition to this, Clean Robotics, a company aimed at waste disposal management, that came into being in 2015, has got its hands on the Colorado firm’s Trashbot system. The system is enriched in utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to sense the type of materials being thrown into the trash can and then separate them based on their material and type for recycling. The company claims that this system can do the task with up to 90% accuracy, which is much better than what human beings do.

According to CEO Charles Yhap, “Recycling rules are confusing and consumers are often so confused that their recycling accuracy is less than chance, leading to highly contaminated recyclables, which no one is buying. Our system improves material diversion from landfills, resulting in more recyclables and less waste. ” The company, Clean Robotics, further claimed, “The recycling bin of the future doesn’t stop there, it also generates high-quality data for waste audits, triggers fullness alerts, and features a large display for video content. And thanks to cloud connectivity, your TrashBot fleet only gets smarter over time. “

Not only this, the TrashRobot is also programmed to collect data and patterns with its integrated machine learning algorithm and artificial intelligence. The data can then be used for further future research purposes. The company has reported funding of $4.5 million this week for its Series A program by Melco International Development Limited. With this, the company aims to extend its operations further in countries like China, Australia, and Singapore. It will also open the doors to employment and other research opportunities as well.

Along with this, the company plans to accommodate these systems in busy areas like airports, big malls, bus stations, and shopping areas, etc. to collect data and then gather insight details for future research.

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