This New App Can Diagnose Cancer By The Sound Of Your Voice

Artificial Intelligence is once again taking things to a whole new level because the details coming out this time are a little bit more stunning. You would be amazed to know that scientists are working on a mobile app that will be capable of diagnosing chronic health conditions like cancer from the sound of your voice. The app will be able to detect different patterns and types of vibrations from your voice, which would then be interpreted, and finally, you will easily get to know whether you have cancerous cells in your body or not. According to the team of scientists, the main purpose behind the development of this app is to make this technology accessible for those people who don’t have the financial strength whatsoever to keep them tested for different chronic diseases.

Coupled with this, this entire research project has been ongoing with funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The team said that they will be collecting data in the form of about 30,000 different donated voices in order to get genetic information. It should be noted that the research project has been given funding of $130 million and is going to last for a period of about four years. Similarly, the team said that they will focus on collecting five types of voices that will have the following parameters attached: “neurological disorders, voice disorders, mood disorders, respiratory disorders, and pediatric disorders like autism and speech delays.”

In addition to this, Dr. Yael Bensoussan, who is the director of the University of South Florida’s Health Voice Center, is serving as the team lead for this research and said that “Voice has the potential to be a biomarker for several health conditions. Creating an effective framework that incorporates huge datasets using the best of today’s technology in a collaborative manner will revolutionize the way that voice is used as a tool for helping clinicians diagnose diseases and disorders. “

On the other hand, Dr. Olivier Elemento, who is a co-investigator and director of the Englander Institute for Precision Medicine, said, “Our future findings could lead to a revolution in health care where continuous voice monitoring could alert physicians earlier than currently possible to certain conditions, such as infections or neurological diseases.” Hence, the project, once successful, will prove industry-leading and will set the stage for scientists to further enlighten the research work for future purposes.

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