This New AI Tool Can Write Its Own Code

Software technology is the most advanced one and every aspect of advancement is backed up by multiple sorts of software. Coding and software development are considered the spine of tech industry. More breakthroughs and advancements are made everyday that take the industry ahead and make it fast paced. One of such innovations in Artificial Intelligence, commonly known as AI.

Artificial Intelligence is basically the intelligence incorporated in machines and computers instead of the natural one. Data and prediction models are fed into the systems of machines and the software is then made capable to provide solutions with the problems inserted in the system at a later stage.

Usually, pair programmers are two programmers who work on a problem together and develop codes for the problems they come across. There is a new AI tool which is the development of GitHub and OpenAI which has opened prosperous pathways in the field of Artificial Intelligence. The main function of this development is that it creates convenience for pair programming. With help of this, only one person is required for pair programming and his coding will be paired up by the advanced AI. AI will generate code on its own without the input of a coder or programmer.

This AI tool is called the Copilot which is an advanced version of GPT-3 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3). The skills of this software are almost as good as that of a human programmer, and it has been under discussion since 2020. Just like GPT-3 was made publicly available for buying and licensing, it will soon be available as same in the next few months. The company also states that it has installed filters to skip and overlook the use of obscene language. Programmers and tech companies are still awaiting the commercialization of this AI tool.

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