This New AI-Powered Lizard-Like Robot By The U.S. Navy Could Prevent Catastrophes

Artificial intelligence (AI)-powered lizard-like robots are poised to transform military operations, particularly for the U.S. Navy, as revealed by defense expert venture capitalist Doug Philippone in an exclusive interview with Fox News. Philippone emphasized the urgency of quick decision-making in response to global threats, citing the potential of Gecko Robotics’ innovative lizard-like robots in revolutionizing military strategies.

Gecko Robotics specializes in developing wall-climbing robots equipped with advanced AI capabilities. These robots can scale and inspect infrastructure with precision, utilizing specially designed sensor payloads to detect signs of degradation such as wall thickness, pitting, and other forms of damage. According to Gecko Robotics’ website, their robots collect data at speeds ten times faster than previous methods, enabling comprehensive inspections of tanks, boilers, pressure vessels, and piping.

The company offers a range of robot series tailored for different applications. The TOKA series, featuring powerful magnetic wheels, is designed for efficient inspection of carbon steel equipment, including power boilers, storage tanks, and container ships. Meanwhile, the MONARCH series boasts compact and modular payloads suitable for navigating complex structures, such as aging concrete bridges and hydropower plants.

Philippone highlighted the potential benefits of Gecko Robotics’ technology for the Navy, particularly in enabling targeted maintenance efforts and reducing unnecessary replacements of ship components. In March of the previous year, the Navy approved the use of Gecko’s wall-climbing robots and AI-powered software platform on initial amphibious assault ships and Arleigh Burke-class destroyers. The Navy aims to leverage this technology to create digital models of vessels, streamline maintenance cycles, and minimize drydock periods.

Despite the significant advancements in AI-powered robotics, Philippone stressed the importance of human decision-making in conjunction with technological innovation. He emphasized that while AI can assist in analyzing data and assessing risks, ultimate decision-making authority should remain with humans. Philippone believes that human oversight is essential for accurately evaluating the risks associated with decisions made based on AI-generated insights.

AI-powered lizard-like robots developed by Gecko Robotics hold immense potential for enhancing military operations, particularly for the U.S. Navy. By leveraging advanced AI techniques, these robots enable proactive maintenance and infrastructure monitoring, ultimately enhancing operational efficiency and reducing costs. However, while technological advancements are crucial, human judgment remains indispensable in evaluating risks and making informed decisions in military contexts.

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