This New AI-Generated Pizza Commercial Is Going Viral – And It Is A Sign Of Things To Come

This peculiar pizza advertisement created through the assistance of AI has been making waves on the internet. AI-generated content has been exposing me to some rather bizarre things lately, ranging from images featuring an excessive number of fingers and teeth to unsettling creations like the recurring face of Loab. However, this particular pizza commercial manages to surpass even the strangeness of Loab with a blend of terror and hilarity.

The video was discovered by Tom’s Hardware on Pizza Later’s YouTube channel, showcasing the remarkable efforts of AI in promoting the trendiest new pizza joint, Pepperoni Hug Spot. Without spoiling too much, be prepared to witness individuals consuming pizza in an entirely ordinary and fashionable manner.

Pizza Later took to Twitter to shed some light on the creative process behind this internet sensation. The entire project took approximately three hours and was entirely orchestrated by various AI systems. ChatGPT handled the script, while Midjourney contributed the still images. Runway took charge of assembling the video clips, and Eleven Labs provided the voiceover, complemented by music from Soundraw AI Music. Finally, a human artist skillfully compiled all these cutting-edge components using After Effects. Although the end result is undoubtedly unsettling, considering the horror it evokes, it is an impressive achievement for a mere three hours of work. Depicting people eating food has proven to be a recurring challenge for AI, making this bizarre creation a resounding success as an unconventional content generator. And I am willing to bet that this is merely the beginning, as we can expect to witness more such projects in the future.

In summary, AI-generated content continues to astonish us with its idiosyncrasies and glitches. While this pizza ad crafted with AI assistance may be both disturbing and comical, it exemplifies the potential and limitations of artificial intelligence in the realm of creative endeavors. As AI technology advances, we can anticipate encountering further unconventional and captivating creations, blurring the boundaries between reality and surrealism. Whether one finds it amusing, eerie, or simply disconcerting, this pizza ad serves as a reminder of the peculiar and unpredictable nature of AI-generated content.

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