This New AI Bracelet Can Help Manage Children’s Emotional Awareness – And It Has Launched On Kickstarter

Tully was created as an emotion management smart bracelet. This bracelet was powered by an AI that is particularly designed to help kids recognize, manage and deal with their emotions.

It is aimed for children who are hyperactive, show symptoms of ADHD or ADD, and parents who want aid, keeping track of their child’s emotional state.

By using a combination of biometrical sensors, machine learning algorithms, and personalized coaching methodologies, it guides children in understanding their emotions and dealing with them effectively.

It monitors heart rate, heart rate variability, oxygen saturation levels and galvanic skin responses to calculate the child’s agitation level, predicting oncoming emotional outbursts. The vibrating alerting mechanism notifies the user, allowing both the parents and the child to take preventative measures on time.

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