This New AI App Generates Music – And Musicians Should Be Worried

Music will not be the same as before. Musicians, this might be when you worry about your jobs. AI-powered music generators have been introduced and it seems like they are here to stay!

“From streamers to filmmakers to app builders,” claims music-generating app Mubert AI. The app can change limited text inputs into a believable-sounding composition, “we’ve made it easier than ever for content creators of all kinds to license custom, high-quality, royalty-free music.”

It is not a new advancement. There has been computer-generated music before, but this development is different. The app is headed by Mubert AI and Google’s Audio LM. They are not like the regular creative integrations for the music-making process. Instead, they are creative replacements for musicians themselves. Using the app for this purpose will reduce the dependence of creating music entirely on humans.

Mubert AI creates music that resembles the tunes that you hear in an elevator. Their site says that their AI is trained on “over one million [music] samples” developed by “over 4,000 creators.” When a user aims to create a track, they choose a combination of genre and mood signifiers. That’s all that is needed and a forgettable, lyric-less background tune for your Reel or TikTok is created.

Google’s Audio LM is as old as TK. Google’s working on perfecting lyrics and vocal patterns. The user feeds Audio LM one or more audio clips like a few notes from a piano score and the machine continues from where the user leaves.

To answer the arguments against the app, Mubert AI states that actual musicians and producers are part of its process and stand to make money from the samples they create for the platform. Google, however, says no such thing.

The world is moving towards automation and AI, and it is a good thing. However, there is still a chance for originality to disappear along the way.

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