This New $5 Billion ‘Moon Resort’ In Dubai Will Feature Low-Gravity Walks And A Spa

There is going to be a Moon-themed luxury resort in Dubai, UAE!

The cost of the project is estimated at US$5bn (€5.1bn, £4.4bn). It will extend over an area of 10 acres (435,600sq ft) and will create a “lunar colony” for tourists. This is beyond exciting. Even though Dubai is famous for such state-of-the-art architectural pieces, this one is still quite a distinct one.

The exact details of the resort are still not officially announced. The designs show a massive replica of the Moon with a total height of 735ft (224m).

The concept and designs come from a Canadian architectural company, Moon World Resorts Inc (MWR).

Attractions within the resort will include “low gravity moonwalks”, a wide variety of hotel rooms, and other accommodation options – including 300 “sky villas”.

There will also be a wellness spa and entertainment spots. The Dubai site will be the first of several “Moon World Resorts”.

To secure further sites, MWR will host a global roadshow during 2023, showcasing the concept to investors and potential partners in several regions.

According to MWR, despite the scale of the structure, the Moon resort will follow the actions to promote sustainability and is being designed to achieve the requirements of a gold LEED certification.

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