This New $4 Million Double-Decker RV Features A Huge Fisheye Windshield, Spa Room, And 13ft Sofa

When the phrase “luxury vehicle” springs to mind, images of Rolls-Royce and Ferraris dance before our eyes. However, straying from the ordinary and into extravagance, the Elemment Palazzo Superior emerges – a recreational vehicle that shatters expectations and stirs intrigue.

Crafted by Marchi Mobile, a subsidiary of European automobile company Marchi Holding AG, renowned for its promotional vehicles and healthcare trucks, the Elemment Palazzo Superior is a captivating sight on the road. Inspired by sports cars, aviation, and yachting, this RV claims the title of the “most luxurious mobile home in the world.”

The driving force behind this creation, Mario Marchi, founder of the Marchi Group, shares that the initial inspiration for the Elemment was born out of personal desire. Tired of the conventional offerings within the automotive industry, Marchi sought to craft a vehicle that was exceptional and an embodiment of his vision. The ubiquitous design and functionality found in most RVs didn’t capture his imagination. Instead, he yearned for something exceptional that would stand out amidst the mundane.

Marchi’s journey began in earnest in 2002 when he established the Marchi Group, driven by his passion for design and innovation. Intrigued by a radical truck cab prototype envisioned by German automotive design maverick Luigi Colani, Marchi aimed to bring Colani’s futuristic concept to life. While the early prototype exhibited avant-garde aesthetics, functionality took a back seat. Marchi’s aspiration was clear: to fashion a luxurious vehicle that boasted striking aesthetics and delivered a superior driving experience.

Years of meticulous work came to fruition in the form of the Elemment Palazzo Superior. Its futuristic cockpit, perched on the vehicle’s second level, reminiscent of a helicopter’s design, offers an almost aerial view of the road ahead. The interior emulates the ambiance of a commercial airliner, complete with captain’s chairs and a digital aviation dashboard. Marchi’s pursuit of an extraordinary driving experience led him to design a vehicle with an unparalleled 180-degree panoramic view, akin to being inside a multi-dimensional cinema.

Beyond its visual splendor, the Elemment Palazzo Superior boasts impressive aerodynamics to enhance fuel efficiency. With a drag coefficient of 0.36, approximately 20% better than standard RVs of similar size, this 28-ton vehicle cuts through the air with enhanced efficiency. Marchi’s ingenuity in materials is also evident as he transitioned from fiberglass to industrial carbon fiber for improved strength and weight reduction.

The exterior design language speaks volumes, with oval windows reminiscent of yacht portholes, chrome accents, and dynamic race car-inspired lines. The luxury continues indoors, with 732 square feet of living space offering lavish features like radiant floor heating, ambient lighting, a top-tier kitchenette, and even a fireplace. Marchi’s favorite living room area is designed for entertainment with its wrap-around sofa, a generous 42-inch LED screen TV, and an adjoining bar cabinet and wine fridge.

At the heart of this opulent haven lies the primary bedroom, a private sanctuary with a dressing area, large-screen TV, abundant storage, and a king-sized bed. Marchi’s incorporation of a “spa room” with a rain shower and light therapy mirrors the indulgence of luxury hotels.

A distinctive touch is the Sky Lounge, akin to a yacht’s flybridge, unfurls from the roof through an automated lift system. Replete with built-in furniture, a premium sound system, radiant floor heating, and a sun canopy, this rooftop haven epitomizes luxury on the move.

Marchi emphasizes the customizability of each Elemment Palazzo Superior, catering to diverse preferences and purposes. Clients, often high-net-worth individuals and companies, can tailor their RVs to suit business needs, leisure preferences, or event hosting requirements. The result is a fleet of unique, individualized vehicles that reflect the dreams and tastes of their owners.

In essence, the Elemment Palazzo Superior redefines luxury on the road, transforming the concept of an RV into an extraordinary journey of luxury and innovation.

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