This New 3-Second Tik Tok Trick Can Tell You Whether You Are Dehydrated

Ever since the advent of social media, people have been influenced extensively by it. Let it be following the trends that keep coming and going or writing certain content that is in vogue, people have always endeavored to jump on the bandwagon. With time, more social media platforms have come and almost replaced the old ones. One of the most popular social media is Tiktok.

This app is one of the most used social media platforms where people post millions of contents every day. It is famous for its unique and popular trends that go viral in no time and soon you see people everywhere following the same trend and posting on their Tiktok accounts. The access of the internet to people has made this easier.

A recent Tiktok trend has gone viral which is not only a source of entertainment for people but medically helpful. This trend discerns whether your body is hydrated or not. The act is to put your hand in front of you or on any surface. Pinch the skin on your knuckles and observe what happens. If your skin goes up by pinching and once you leave the skin, it restores the original position, it is hydrated. On the other hand, if your skin stays pinched and takes a long while before returning to its normal resting position, you are dehydrated.

The trend has gone viral, and people are emulating the video all over the globe. This has shifted their attention to the health of their bodies which is a positive thing. This technique is called the skin turgor test in medical terms and is a genuine method to discern the level of hydration. however, there are other reasons for this result as well which might be related to age or other individual circumstances. It may not be entirely accurate or correct, but it still is a sound measure of paying attention to our body and be mindful of its needs.

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