This New 20-Foot 3D Printer Can Produce Entire Homes In Just 24 Hours


Mighty Buildings, a startup based in Oakland, California, has developed a 20-foot tall 3D printer that can print entire homes in just 24 hours. The innovation, which has been in the making for five years, is part of a growing trend in the home construction industry that aims to address problems such as high home prices, population growth outpacing construction projects, and supply chain shortages.

Mighty Buildings’ 3D printer produces composite stone panels made from recycled materials, which automate around 80% of the work involved in home construction. This is because the printer can produce a home’s entire structural shell, reducing the amount of assembly needed later. The company claims that this method produces just 1% as much waste compared to homes constructed by conventional means and uses 60% recycled materials. The team hopes to achieve zero air pollution by 2028.

The printing process also significantly cuts costs, with Mighty Buildings claiming that its printed homes cost 45% less than comparable houses in the California market. The available models include 350-square-foot studios and a three-bedroom, two-bathroom home, with the latter priced at around $285,000.

Sustainability is a major goal for the company, which combines modern hardware with sustainable technology, including rooftop solar panels. Mighty Buildings is currently taking orders and has already built 30 printed homes in a community in Southern California.

According to Slava Solonitsyn, the CEO and co-founder of Mighty Buildings, the company has been deliberate in carrying out its vision to make housing better. The team is confident in its certifications and code compliance of both its material and technology, and it hopes to scale up production and take its concept nationwide.

Mighty Buildings’ unique approach to building has attracted the attention of investors such as Eric Migicovsky, a partner at the startup accelerator Y Combinator. Migicovsky believes that accessory dwelling units are just the start in further building out the company’s approach to building.

In conclusion, Mighty Buildings’ 20-foot tall 3D printer offers a promising solution to address the global problems facing the housing sector. The innovation not only reduces the time, cost, and waste involved in home construction but also offers a sustainable and futuristic design. With its unique approach to building, Mighty Buildings has the potential to revolutionize the home construction industry and make affordable housing a reality for many people.


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