This New 137-inch Folding TV Costs Just $200,000

In the realm of opulent entertainment, where technology meets luxury, the C Seed N1 has emerged as a groundbreaking marvel.

C Seed, renowned for crafting bespoke televisions catering to the ultra-wealthy, presents the N1, a folding TV that redefines opulence. The 137-inch version, of which only two exist, is a technological spectacle. With the press of a button, the screen gracefully divides into parts, elegantly converging into a compact rectangular form, transforming the TV into what appears more like a solid metal bench than a cutting-edge display. This seamless folding process takes around 2.5 minutes, showcasing engineering prowess.

Unfolded, the N1 boasts a dazzling, bright, and seamless 4K resolution display, utilizing micro-LED technology akin to Samsung’s The Wall. What sets the N1 apart is its Adaptive Gap Calibration, a proprietary system ensuring a flawless picture. The screen, capable of 180-degree rotation, impressively conceals divisions between sections, creating a visually immersive experience.

The N1’s micro-LED technology achieves a peak brightness of 4,000 nits, complemented by HDR and a wide color gamut. During my brief viewing, the image quality was outstanding, with imperceptible seams even when scrutinizing closely.

The high cost of C Seed’s N1 is a reflection of its rarity. The inside version costs $200,000 (installation included), while the outdoor version costs $240,000. The company provides 165-inch ($300,000) and 103-inch ($110,000) alternatives for consumers looking for even larger panels. Customers of C Seed, who normally have to wait six months for their specially made TVs, highlight how uncommon and in-demand these remarkable products are.

On the other hand, TCL debuted the 115QM891G, a massive 115-inch TV, at CES 2024. With 20,000 local dimming zones and a peak brightness of 5,000 nits, the mini-LED TV promises exceptional contrast and brightness. TCL’s product, which is priced “under $20,000,” seeks to disrupt the large-screen TV market by going against the norms of size and cost.

These enormous TVs from C Seed and TCL provide a peek at what high-end home entertainment may look like in the future when exclusivity, size, and technology come together as the world of TVs continues to push limits.

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