This Movie Director Says His Tesla’s Window Spontaneously Shattered For No Reason


“District 9″ director Neill Blomkamp recently uncovered a strange problem with his Tesla. Recently, he asked his followers on Twitter if they had ever “heard of a Tesla window spontaneously cracking” while tweeting a picture of a damaged interior glass.

“I’m sitting in [my] car, and this just happened,” he posted.

Elon Musk’s detractors immediately drew attention to the absurdity of Blomkamp’s Tesla purchase and his conspicuous doubt, given that Blomkamp’s filmography is characterized by dystopian technology and extreme financial disparity, and Musk seems to be a figure from that canon.

“Can’t imagine doing a film like District 9 then getting a Tesla,” one Twitter user said, adding an “LMFAO” for good measure.

Several mocked Tesla’s hazardous “self-driving” mode by speaking ill of the “self-cracking windows.” On the other hand, the “teaser” for Blomkamp’s upcoming project, according to “The Drive” creator Alex Roy, “looks promising.”

There is no information on what caused the crack, and the “District 9” director has not yet responded to his first tweet. Several factors may have had a part, though.

Blomkamp’s broken glass may have been the result of heat stress, speed cracks, or simple manufacturing flaws, according to several commentators.

But whatever reasoning, the “District 9” director could be thinking twice about getting an IRL Iron Man vehicle.


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