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This Motorcycle Can Transform Into A Jet-Ski In Only 5 Seconds

Unless you own the Biski motorcycle, riding your motorcycle into a lake isn’t such an amazing idea. The Biski motorcycle is capable of transforming into a jet-ski from a motorcycle within 5 seconds.

It is being manufactured by Gibbs – company that specializes in amphibious vehicles and also known for developing the Triski and Quadski. As per the company, the Biski is capable of reaching speeds of 60km/h on water and can manage speeds of up to 130km/h using its twin cylinder, 55hp engine.

The vehicle is powered using gasoline and the vehicle weighs in at 228kg. It retracts the wheels out of the way and converts in to a jet ski once it enters water.

There is no information regarding the cost and release date yet, however.

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