This Monster Excavator Harvests Coal From The World’s Largest Coal Mine

Biggest coal mine7

Yes that is a monster bucket wheel excavator and yes that is a full-sized bus in the background! The World’s largest coal mine, as you can expect, lies in Siberian ion of Kazakhstan that is famous for its underground minerals and fossil fuels. The purpose of this huge excavator is to aid in continuous digging of large -scale open pit mining operations. Open pit mining operations of this kind would need serious heavy machinery.

The pictures below show how serious the machinery is. Alexander Popov, the famous Russian photographer got to go that place and check the mining operations. What he captured there is simply stunning.

The bogeys carrying all the coal. They seem so small next to the mining equipment. 

Biggest coal mine9

About to dig a crater!

Biggest coal mine8

A vintage bus next to the platform.

Biggest coal mine6

Just look at the rolling chains.

Biggest coal mine5

Seems larger than an offshore oil rig itself.

Biggest coal mine4

The pit is huge already.

Biggest coal mine3

What’s the nuclear sign doing here I wonder.

Biggest coal mine2

Engineers on the frontline. We go where no one can dream of going!

Biggest coal mine

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