This Modular Trailer Made From Chicken Feathers Weighs Merely Merely 300 Pounds

The trailer made using feathers is created by Earth Traveler’s and is being called ‘Teardrop.”

A startup company based in New Mexico unveiled its latest T250LX Teardrop, it is a handmade, and customizable RV created using the ultralight substance produced from chickens’ feathers.

As per Design Boom reports, it weighs only 135 kgs and comes with a skeletal archway, which allows it to be easily towed by even some low-powered electric cars.

Source Of The Idea

The concept of the Earth Traveler’s extremely light trailer came in during a campaign visit in New Mexico back in 2014. The founder of Earth Traveler and an artist, Angel Irlanda, told to ‘Design Boom.’

The trip was turned to disappointment when Irlanda and his team had to face reality, as the tent was pretty much hot during the day time and during the night’s, the wind caused its part of the trouble, making the tent collapse on them.

Compatible With Fiat 500

Upon Irlanda’s return from the stressful trip, he searched for an RV small enough to be compatible with his mini Fiat 500. He was disappointed upon finding that there is none as such model of an RV that goes along with small cars. This marked the moment when he planned on building an ultralight model of RV to be compatible with less powered cars.

To make it lightweight, Irlanda decided to go with the chicken feather based material that allows weather protection and firm insulation without increasing the weight.

However, load-bearing skeletal elements of the RV are created using traditional composite materials.

Irlanda’s four-person fiber RV made from feathers was announced to the world last week and was named ‘Teardrop Trailer.’ It is semi-modular and allows its owners to custom made their own trailers as per their needs. It could be easily designed and altered as required and is suitable for any car to drag along easily.

The T250LX comes with full-length gull-wing panels that open at the RV front and back to enhance interior space. Kitchen facilities, UV tents, and off-road parts can also be added to the amazing light-weight RV.

A Vision For Outdoor Living

With the invention of the novel ‘Teardrop trailer,’ Earth Traveler brings forth its vision of allowing people to explore the outdoors with ease. The most amazing part, the size of the vehicle doesn’t even matter with it.

When most people are socially isolating themselves, it makes it that sustainable, affordable, and off the grid, RVs could go a long way.

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