This Mobile Breath Analyzer Checks Your Oral Hygiene In Seconds


From toothbrushes tracking your technique to smart dental floss dispensers; even our brushing routine has gone insanely tech savvy. And continuing the fashion, Mint is a new device that can detect signs of gum disease and problems in your oral hygiene by analysing your breath within a few seconds.

The company Breathometer, who also have created a smartphone-based breathalyzer, have now come up with this small handheld device that can accurately identify problems in your oral hygiene. The device connects to iOS and Android smartphones and uses their processing power to yield the results.


The company ran a successful Indiegogo campaign in March 2015, and after getting good reviews at the CES conference, the device has finally started shipping this week.

The device’s sensors use the levels of volatile sulphur compounds (VSCs) in your breath to judge your oral health, which are known to be main culprits behind bad breath and gum disease.

Pic Credits: breathometer
Pic Credits: breathometer

The company claims that the device can take an accurate reading of VSCs and then send it over to the smartphone via Bluetooth to show the results in an app. The app also features an option of comparing the effectiveness of a brushing session and requires the user to place the device before and after cleaning up their teeth. Using this data, the device also offers personalised tips and sets oral hygiene goals.

Mint can be connected via USB to recharge, and is compatible with iOS 9.1 or Android 4.4.4 and above. It is priced at US$100. You can visit the company’s website for more information.

Pic Credits: breathometer
Pic Credits: breathometer

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