This Miracle Machine Turns Water Into Wine. Yes, Really!

Miracle Machine

We have all heard about how Jesus could convert water into wine and how it is considered to be a miracle. However, science and technology are performing miracles of their own and the latest one is where you feed water to a gadget and what you get in return is, can you guess? Yeah, what you get in return is wine. The gadget looks like a bottle, will cost you $499 and is being called the Miracle Machine (which is a justified name indeed).
Miracle Machine 4

The idea is quite straightforward; you feed water to this bottle and select from a myriad of flavors to instill into your wine and voila! The gadget comes from Customvine, which is a California based company. The gadget is already on Kickstarter raising funds and we wouldn’t be surprised if it reached its target funding much sooner than anticipated.

Miracle Machine 3So how does this machine work? It is very simple to use; take out the sachet which has ingredients and adds it to the machine, next the user has to select what style/type of wine do they want from a menu and then user adds water to the mix and turn the machine on. The gadget can be connected to your smartphone via an app where it will notify you when the wine is ready. The process requires fermentation which usually takes three days to complete.

The CEO of Customvine, Kevin Boyer, also founded the Boyanci winery in Napa Valley and is a sommelier. The Miracle Machine is essentially his brainchild, which he has turned into reality by collaborating with Philip James, founder of Wine Site Lot 18 and a British entrepreneur. According to Boyer; ‘Just like a Bible miracle, it literally turns water into wine, with just the addition of a few ingredients in a fraction of the time and cost it would normally take.’

Miracle Machine 2The duo has kept the actual working principle a secret. However, they have been kind enough to provide us with some sort of basic explanation. According to them, the fermentation chamber employs electrical sensors along with transducers and heaters. Pumps have been used to keep the environment controlled during the primary and subsequent stages of fermentation. Sugar content of the liquid is monitored via a digital refractometer and an air-diffuser is employed to blow air (filtered) through a channel, which is referred to as micro-oxygenated channel. Furthermore; an ultrasonic transducer that has been placed under the chamber basically hastens the process of fermentation.

Right now the gadget is capable of providing its users with six styles of wine. However, 5-10 more styles shall be added to the mix in the next three months. Right now, we only have a prototype but things look promising and we might see this beauty on sale later this year. It will cost you $2 to create a bottle of wine once you have paid the price for the gadget itself. However, there is one downside that this bottle will last for only 2 weeks since there is no inert gas present while making it.
Check out the video below for more details:

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