This Mind-blowing Video Shows A Drone-Hunting Quadcopter Attacking Its Prey


As the drones took the world by storm, new problems began to manifest as these unmanned aerial vehicles were spotted in places that were absolutely classified as the no-go areas for them such as the airports. As such, new methods to tackle the issue were introduced whereby the Netherlands police took to eagles for hunting the rogue drones down.

Airspace is a drone-hunting quadcopter that can knock the unwanted drones out of the air. The drone hunter employs a machine learning algorithm to detect and identify the rogue drones in the sky. The quadcopter uses machine vision and deep learning tools to determine the anomalies in the sky.


Image Source: Airspace Systems


The artificially intelligent drone hunter can also be operated manually via a smartphone app to target a drone in the vicinity. On making contact, Airspace does not destroy a drone; rather it deploys a net secured to its base to catch the culprit and carry it off to the landing pad. This course of action was used as a safety measure to avoid the debris of a broken drone like propellers and motors spiralling through the air. The official website of the Airspace reads:

“Airspace is the only drone security solution capable of identifying, tracking, and autonomously removing rogue drones from the sky. Our hardware and software are purpose-built for this challenge—and get better with every mission—so that you can protect your airspace with the tap of a finger.”




The target market for the Airspace encompasses the law enforcement agencies, government regulatory authorities, and private homeowners who are sick of drones spying inside their homes.

The availability and pricing details of the drone-intercepting quadcopter are yet to be announced by the manufacturers, the Airspace Systems. You can see the drone in action in the video below:


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