This Metaverse Company Is Offering You The Chance To Live Forever

Somnium Space is working on a mechanism for individuals to communicate with their family members even after they have died. It only takes vast volumes of sensitive information. Somnium Space is a virtual environment that uses a blockchain metaverse and is accessible to the general public via Steam, where people may trade, interact, and own digital territory. According to Vice, CEO Artur Sychov intends to launch a new technology called the ‘Live Forever’ feature. Customers will be able to construct a digital clone of themselves that will move, talk, and act just like them. It’s basically an everlasting digital avatar that is a near-exact replica of oneself.

This VR Company Wants to Give You the Chance to 'Live Forever' in the  Metaverse

However, as Sychov stated, numerous pieces of data must be turned over to the organization in order for this to be completed. When Sychov’s father died, he was left wondering whether there was a way for his children to still communicate with their grandfather. He thinks that the metaverse has the ability to improve human existence and that it is worthwhile to invest in this new sector. In contrast to the “free model” that many IT businesses have used in the past and continue to use now, Somnium Space intends to charge users for their ‘Live Forever’ service. This is not because the firm is providing a “premium quality service,” but rather because it does not want to start gathering data on each and everyone right once. Sychov also stated that if people change their minds, they may simply demand that their data be deleted at a later date and that the firm specializes in a decentralized society. Furthermore, users will be able to tell the system when they want their data captured, providing them with absolute ownership.

Live Forever in Metaverse: There is a metaverse company for that

Unlike Facebook, which distributes data to advertising, Somnium Space has no intention of selling this data to other parties at any cost. Once a user pays and authorizes the platform to start collecting data, The business anticipates that the everlasting avatars will be available to users starting next year. To begin, users would simply need to submit data such as noises and motions, but this will most likely be increased to ‘100 to 300 times more than what’s captured while you’re on your smartphone,’ according to Sychov. Participants will have the option of pausing the recording or requesting that Somnium Space remove their data entirely. Sychov also promised that no one’s personal information will be given to advertisements. Sychov believes that when AI improves, it will be able to pass for a human connection.

You could could become 'immortal' in the metaverse with new Live Forever  mode, experts claim – United Kingdom Media

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