This Map Compiles The Worst Of World’s Tourism Slogans

tourism map1

The term ‘tourism slogan’ is not widely known. Even the people who have traveled to different countries are often quite unfamiliar with the slogans of these countries. This has probably happened for the best, as almost all of these tourism slogans are quite terrible.

For instance, slogans like “I feel like Tunisia,” “Travel in Slovakia — good idea” and “Think Hungary — more than expected” seem like they were created by a fourth grader who was making his school assignment in haste.

A British travel website Family Break Finder has created a map bearing the whole world’s tourism slogans, and while it is of no monetary value, it is still a good source to laugh (read cringe).

We still cannot fathom how these lame slogans were thought of and got approved from boards, executives, and committees before being made official.

Although slogans like US’s “All Within Your Reach” are not as bad as St Kitts and Nevis’ slogan “Follow Your Heart,” yet, there exist pretty cheesy ones like Jordan’s “Yes, it’s Jordan.”,  Ukraine’s “It’s all about U” and  Djibouti’s “Djibeauty.”

And while Nigeria is humble in saying, “Good people, a great nation,” other countries are more flamboyant and proud as portrayed by their slogans, like Honduras’ “Everything is here,” Dominican Republic’s “Dominican Republic has it all”  or Australia’s “There’s NOTHING like Australia.” You can find all these slogans here.

What slogan does your country have? Comment below!

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