This Map Allows You To Calculate The Blast Radius And Damage Caused By Nuclear Bombs – And It Is Getting Popular Again


It’s almost unusual that one of the earliest and most dependable nuclear blast calculators has witnessed a spike in traffic in recent times. An alarming online program can predict the number of casualties and damages incurred by some of the world’s most destructive bombs. NUKEMAP, which includes predictions based on nuclear weapons presently in Russia’s inventory, gives insight into the massive damage that the globe would confront if an explosion occurred. This system was developed to provide individuals with a “realistic grasp of what nuclear bombs can and cannot achieve.” However, it has several drawbacks. The simulations, for example, do not account for meteorological conditions, which might influence the level of a nuclear explosion. Moreover, the website allows the user to enter a precise area to see how and where items might be affected. Nuke map calculates the explosion radius, human mortality devastating impact, and other impacts of a nuclear weapon. People could predict what might unfold in their community if an explosion occurred. Due to the obvious growth in nuclear threat, it’s understandable that people would really like to explore the worst-case possibility.

Nuke Map: See What a Nuclear Bomb Would Do to Your Town | Digital Trends

For any conversation involving nuclear weapons, a comprehensive grasp of what they can and cannot accomplish is required. In a statement, Wellerstein told Analysts. “People are more likely to either have exaggerated or under-appreciated perceptions of the missiles’ potency if they think about them at all. It can result in a wide range of irrational practices.”

A nuke map allows you to create a fictitious nuclear weapon and dump it somewhere on Earth. The software analyses the figures using published calculations and simulations concerning nuclear weapons and their effects — firestorm intensity, plane region, radioactive areas, and much more — and then returns the information as visualizations within Google Maps. Aerial nuclear explosion increases the destructive capabilities of a nuclear bomb by permitting the blast’s force to disperse. If bombs explode on the ground, the earth absorbs more from the radiation.

This map shows what a nuclear bomb would do if it landed right on your house

Some analysts believe the bomb, possibly a nuclear bomb, produced a blast equivalent to 150 kilotons of TNT. This was the world’s most destructive nuclear explosion to date, about ten times as destructive as the 1945 Hiroshima bomb detonation, which killed over 150,000 people.

Mapping a nuclear detonation. Outrider and Bluecadet's Bomb Blast… | by  Mapbox | maps for developers

Thus, in short, these incredibly amazing tool has got people’s attention and is now ready to hit its online presence thereby inculcating a sense of curiosity among the population.


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