This Man Is Making Money Literally Out Of Thin Air In Colombia

Some people won’t let anything stop them from making money , and this is what Juan Carlos Alvarado is doing. He is a young entrepreneur from Medellin, Colombia, and has literally amazed the people by saying that he is earning hundreds of dollars per day by just selling bottles of fresh air. Yes! You heard it right. The bottles contain fresh air from his city, Medellin, which is also known as the “City of Eternal Spring.” The city is renowned for having the best climate. He has taken inspiration from a few success stories in China, where people used to sell cans and bottles of fresh air to those living in polluted areas. This compelled him to start his own business, and now he is gaining ground.

Alvarado has also tried his luck in singing, but that might not be his thing. He said that he is selling the air by purifying it through a special method to confirm that it does not contain any kind of impurity or odor. However, he did not open up about the method as it is not registered yet, so he has some concerns as people might steal the trademark. Alvarado said, “Here we store the air of Medellín, which is special, a jewel. We do not pack pure air, but that of the city, as it is. Of course, I make sure that it is of quality.”

He further stated, “I created an efficient device, an air collector, that takes between 15 and 30 minutes to trap the particles to generate that feeling of spring. It is 100% natural. ” You would be amazed to know that he sold 77 bottles of fresh air on his first day for $5 each. The sales generated were just unbelievable for him and, based on this thrilling experience, he decided to expand this business, and the third day marked his magnanimous success when he sold 300 bottles in Parque Lleras. He said, “I want to get ahead with my artistic career, and this is one of the crazy ideas that have occurred to me given the difficulty of getting sponsors. Bottled air can make you laugh at first, but this is a ready-made product. “

After gathering a lot of fame, Alvarado has made his social presence as well by creating accounts on different social media platforms that help him to attract an audience and sell his products eventually. On the other hand, there are some people who are criticizing Alvarado and calling him a “scammer” for allegedly charging a huge amount of money for a mere thing. In response to this, Alvarado said, “People criticize me as a scammer, but it’s a tougher business than it looks. It’s never easy to fill a bottle with air. It takes 15 minutes at the shortest and 30 minutes at the longest to put the clean air of Medellin into the bottle. “

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