This Man In Brazil Got 5 Different Doses Of 3 Different COVID Vaccines – Just To Be Sure

Kids, don’t try this at home (or at your local vaccination center)

It seems like a Brazilian man wasn’t taking any chances with COVID-19 and decided to get injected with all the available vaccines just to be on the “safe side”. The man went for his first vaccination dose in May and continued getting new doses of different vaccines till August (maybe he didn’t get the memo?) when he was finally caught by staff at a vaccination center. It appears that he was able to get 5 doses of 3 different COVID-19 vaccines within just ten weeks.

Here’s how his vaccination journey went; starting with his first Pfizer shot on 12th May, followed by the second dose of AstraZeneca on 5th June, then skipping the first and jumping straight to the second dose of Coronavac on 17th June, second dose of Pfizer on 9th July and then coming back to the skipped first dose of Coronavac on 21st July. Looks like the Brazilian man was playing “Vaccination Roulette” after all…

In the beginning authorities blamed the confusing vaccination record on an online error but further investigation by Rio’s Municipal Health Department verified that it wasn’t any registration error and that the man had actually gotten all those vaccine shots by just verbally telling the staff which wasn’t checked. “The case is being investigated to identify whether it was a failure to register the man’s previous doses in the system, or some other ‘irregularity,’” Rio’s Municipal Health Department said in a statement.

This isn’t the ideal time for this sort of news as Brazil is already facing a shortage of vaccines with millions of people still waiting for their first dose. Even though there have been cases of some people getting three doses instead of two, this guy beats them all but don’t worry, so far, he’s still in good condition.

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