This Man Has An Alarm Clock Stuck In The Wall And It Has Been Ringing For 13 Years

Alarm clocks are a nightmare, seriously. You either keep snoozing them off to sleep a bit more or just turn it off to get rid of the ringing once and for all. A lot of people wake up at the first buzz but for a homeowner in Pennsylvania turning the alarm clock off is a luxury that he doesn’t have. Living at peace in his house, the man made the mistake of dropping his alarm clock down the vent about 13 years ago. The clock rings, every day at 8 in the evening, and has been haunting his life ever since.

Jerry Lynn, a resident of Ross Township in Pennsylvania, was trying to make a hole in his living room wall to pass a television cable through it. He wanted to make sure that he was drilling through an unobstructed place, so that pipes or wires did not come in the way. He took his alarm clock, tied it to a string and set the alarm for 10 minutes. He lowered it into a wall through a vent waiting for it to ring. The idea was to drill near the place where the ringing came from and the plan worked perfectly except the alarm clock fell into the wall.


It went through the wall and Lynn thought, “Well, that’s not a real problem. You know it’s still going to go off. And it did.” He tried his best to retrieve the alarm clock, but he failed. He assumed that it would run out of battery in a few months, sadly it did not. The incident happened in September 2004, and it has been nearly 13 years since, and the alarm clock rings every day 10 minutes before 8 in the evening.

After all these years Jerry and his wife Sylvia have got used to the alarm sound in the living room wall, but to a guest, it is kind of freaky. “It starts with a soft ‘beep beep beep beep, ’ and it gets louder and closer together, and that will set people like, ‘What is that?'” says Sylvia.

Seriously, that is a brilliant test of patience right there. Most of us would have just hammered down the entire wall after bearing the ringing for two days. What is mysterious is that the clock’s battery has lasted so long. Clocks do not use much power anyway, but 13 years is still a lot. Let’s see how much longer this ringing continues.

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