This Man Created A F1 Racing Car From Coca-Cola Cans

f1 car created with coca cola cans

Recycling old and used containers and creating exciting items out of them is surely an art. YouTube channel, The Q, has produced several entertaining videos for their viewers. The host came up with the idea of creating an F1 racing car using used coca-cola cans. To give a sound base, he has used plastic pipes of various sizes.

To attach the cans easily, he removed the base and top of the cans and cut the body vertically. These cans were used to cover the plastic pipes so that a uniform look can be given to the car. Once the outer structure was complete, he attached the cans in the form of clusters and started filling the structure of the vehicle. All the cans were attached using glue.

The car was build after spending more than 400 working hours and using 1000 empty cans. The PVC plastic pipes that were used were more than 12 meters in length. Watch this video to see how this masterpiece was created using only cans and lots of creativity.

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