This Man Bought A Luxury BMW With One Tonne Worth Of Coins

man pays for BMW using one tonne of coins

Recently, a man showed up at a car dealership in Tongren City, China with a truck full of coins to buy a new BMW worth $70,000. According to the news, the man worked as a bus driver and collected the coins during his many years on the job. However, instead of exchanging them and getting larger denomination banknotes, he kept them in his home hoping that someday he will spend these coins to buy a car of his dreams. When he saw the new BMW, he decided that now is the time when he has to exchange his massive fortune for it. Then he realized that he has never counted the coins. He invited his friends over and together they all spent four days to count the coins.

The people at the dealership were pleased to know that the man wanted to buy a 480,000 yuan car however they quickly changed their attitude when they figure out how he wished to pay for the car. When they saw crates of coins lined up in the back of the truck, the dealership decided that they cannot count them all in one day, so they called their bank to help with the counting. They sought the help of eleven bank employees and a coin counting machine dispatched by the bank. It took them almost 10 hours to count all the coins. A video went viral on the social media showing that 150,000 coins weighed more than 900 kilograms.

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