This Man Bought 200 Land Rovers A Few Years Ago – And He Could Make Millions Now

The man in question is Charles Fawcett. He bought over 200 Land Rover Defenders a few years ago and is now selling them for millions of pounds. He and the founder of Twisted, a company specializing in bespoke, modified Defenders, Twisted has been working through the Land Rovers put into storage and is now offering another 16 to potential buyers. The vehicles have fewer than 30 miles on the clock, and there are just two Defenders available in each of the eight colors up for grabs.

Land Rover Has Ceased Production Of Its Iconic Defender 5

All are based on the original XS spec, which was the highest Land Rover Defender spec at the time. Fawcett explained: “I went to the Defender production line at Solihull to meet the men and women building the vehicles.” These sixteen 110s were hand-picked for their chassis numbers and build dates. “They were all registered after production ceased in 2016, making them among the last off the line and, arguably, more collectible.”They’re special, and when twisted, each one is the only one. Hence the limited run is called “One of One.” You needed around £35,000 to buy a Defender 110 XS back in 2015, but these 16-inch twisted versions are quite different from the original.

Each purchaser can select a petrol or diesel engine, but all 16 receive updated suspension, brakes, wheels, and tires, as well as modern LED lighting. Inside, there’s extra soundproofing, leather, and an infotainment system with Apple CarPlay.

The 16 Defenders that have been released starting at £135,000 + VAT for the diesel model and rise to £184,500 + VAT for the more powerful petrol model. The order books are now open, and your brand-new Twisted Defender will be delivered next year.

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