This Livestream Shows People Constantly Opening And Closing Flip Smartphones


In an era where smartphones are becoming increasingly sophisticated, a peculiar phenomenon has captivated the digital world’s attention. A YouTube livestream titled “The Great Folding Test Vol. II” has taken the internet by storm, showcasing testers repeatedly opening and closing flip smartphones until they reach their breaking point.

Initiated by the Polish YouTuber Kuba Klawiter, also known as Mrkeybrd, the livestream is an endeavor to scrutinize the robustness of Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Motorola’s Razr 40 Ultra. Launched on August 2, the event has been captivating audiences for nearly a week, with over 800 concurrent viewers at its peak.

As the clock ticks on, the unfolding drama has kept viewers hooked, eager to witness the moment of truth. The results, as revealed during the livestream, showed the Razr 40 Ultra giving in after 126,367 folds. In contrast, the Galaxy Z Flip 5 has defied expectations, boasting an impressive 293,335 folds and still counting. A comment in the livestream’s chat section summed it up aptly: “Wow still not over.”

The project’s website sheds light on the motivation behind this unusual experiment – a challenge to the credibility of smartphone manufacturers’ durability claims. The site notes that while companies tout numbers exceeding 400,000 folds in controlled conditions, human interaction remains distinct. Klawiter emphasized that “the live stream has had over half a million views,” a testament to the widespread curiosity surrounding the experiment.

Klawiter’s team of volunteers, who valiantly engage in this repetitive task, find themselves in an intriguing dance with technology. The livestream continues to draw interest, with a consistent audience of hundreds tuning in regardless of the hour. This isn’t Klawiter’s first foray into this unique form of experimentation. A similar test conducted last year on Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 3 resulted in a broken hinge after approximately 418,500 folds.

As the Galaxy Z Flip 5 soldiers on, some viewers whimsically expressed empathy for the seemingly invincible device, while others found amusement in the dedication of the volunteers. Amid jokes and jibes, the livestream underscores the interplay between human persistence and technological endurance.

While it may be hard to predict where Klawiter’s unfolding saga will end, the livestream serves as a fascinating reminder that amidst our ever-advancing technological landscape, the simplicity of opening and closing a phone can still captivate our attention and spark conversations worldwide.


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