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This Lexus Car’s Paint-Job Flashes In Sync With Driver’s Heartbeat

Driving a car a bit aggressively has a certain charm to it, right? Although we in no way support rash and irresponsible driving, we are admirers of technology and you can’t keep yourself from talking about technology that combines with cars to create amazing effects, can you now? Meet Lexus’ concept car that is capable of demonstrating the heartbeat of its driver via its paint-job. It has been created in collaboration with M&C Saatchi.

Lexus Australia has come up with a one-off RC F V8 coupe that features paintwork capable of flashing in sync with the heartbeat of the person inside the car. The paint basically reacts to electricity, in case you were wondering. The car was painted with an electroluminescent paint and a heart-rate monitor was installed with which the driver (or passenger) is hooked up. The monitor was then connected to the bespoke electrical system that is in charge for processing the data and then sending the electrical charges that are in sync with heartbeat to the car’s body panels.

The results are just spectacular thanks to the lighting up of the exterior panels. The flash becomes more rapid depending upon how fast the car is being driven. These are just for visual effects though and there isn’t much practical use of the technology. In fact, Lexus said that this is merely a “demonstration of advanced technology and the connection between man and machine.”