This Lake In Florida Is The Most Circular Lake In The World


Kingsley Lake, also known as Silver Dollar Lake, is a remarkable natural wonder located in Florida’s Clay County. While it attracts visitors for its recreational activities and excellent bass fishing opportunities, what truly sets it apart is its unique round shape.

The Lake has gained popularity as a favored summer destination and a top bass fishery within the state. However, its true claim to fame lies in its extraordinary roundness. The circular shape of the lake can only be truly appreciated from an aerial perspective, leading to its nickname “Silver Lake” among airplane pilots who have flown over it. It is worth noting that Kingsley Lake is a naturally occurring body of water, formed through a sinkhole formation rather than being artificially created.

Measuring approximately two miles in diameter, the lake boasts a shoreline spanning around 5.5 miles. The north and west sides of the lake are adorned with nearly two hundred docks, further enhancing its appeal. Kingsley Lake reaches an impressive depth of about 90 feet, making it one of the deepest lakes in the entire state of Florida.

In addition to its depth, the lake is the oldest and highest lake in Florida, according to Only in Your State.


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