This Lab Uses Rockets To Crash Semi-Trucks Into Nuclear Transport Trucks

The test collision was conducted by Sandia National Laboratories, and its purpose was to confirm that the new machinery designed for transporting nuclear weapons has the necessary durability to minimize the impact in the event of an accident.

They propelled the semi-truck using rockets to ensure that the new trailer could safely transport nuclear weapons. Collisions of this kind, where two trucks are slammed into each other at such high speeds, are rare.

The task of carrying and transporting a nuclear weapon from point A to point B is highly challenging and fraught with risks. Even minor mishaps can lead to catastrophic consequences. Therefore, conducting such tests before entrusting a new trailer with the responsibility of nuclear transportation is crucial. In this case, the test pushed the limits by simulating a high-speed collision with another trailer.

The third-generation Mobile Guardian Transporter underwent this dramatic testing last summer. It was developed with the utmost safety in mind to securely transport nuclear weapons and materials.

These safety measures and testing protocols are critical because the new truck is intended to carry explosives with extremely high capabilities. Jim Redmond, Sandia’s Senior Program Manager, emphasized the importance of the transport task as a critical component of an effective nuclear deterrent. Ensuring the safety of the public and allies is paramount, he added, emphasizing the need to transport nuclear assets securely and safely.

The new transporter will replace the old safeguards transporter, which has been in service since the 1990s. This recent test marks the first of its kind in the U.S. in about two decades

Milliseconds before the collision at Sandia National Laboratories.

Describing the tension surrounding the test, Redmond expressed relief at seeing the rockets fired and the overall success of the crash test. He noted that their six months of hard work culminated in a matter of seconds. Expanding on the specifications of the new transporting vehicle, he lamented the limited information available, saying, “It is unfortunate how little we know about the specifications of the latest truck.”

A report from WarZone emphasizes that detonating a nuclear weapon is a complex and high-risk task, with the potential for hazardous materials to be released and situations to escalate beyond imagination. Therefore, ensuring its safety is of paramount importance.

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