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This Korean Couple With 6,000 Miles in Between Lives Together In An Odd Way

It is typically said that long distance relationships hardly work as couples who don’t see each other for extended periods often don’t end up well. Most of it is attributed to the human psyche of preferring things near rather than far. But, this couple from South Korea seems to have broken the jinx surrounding long distance relationships as they came up with some truly excellent collage images showing their incredible chemistry despite the 6,000-mile plus distance between New York where the guy lives and Seoul, South Korea where the girl resides. Enjoy the images below.

A tale of two taxis separated by a 14-hour time difference doesn’t get very different.

Their project is called “half & half” and joins two pictures to create the illusion of a single frame. Check out this amazing fit of the Empire State Building and a skyscraper from Seoul.

They like to share everything with each other. Even breakfast.

They find similar spots for dating.

And the language barrier on the other side.

The difference in ice cream heights between the two cities.

Some of these pics are quite a work of art. These hands have been joined expertly.

Some things, however, will be similar at both places. Or Rather at any city in the world!

We hope their relationship remains alive forever!