This Killer Drone Carrying A Chainsaw Killer Is Straight Out A Horror Movie


Chainsaw is somehow supposed to be a deranged serial killer’s favorite weapon if we are to believe the movies. Despite its ineffectiveness and the noise that might alert the victim a mile away, this weapon of choice has its terror and appeals to the occasional nutjob’s crazy mind. These farmers from Finland had probably run out of ideas to do anything remotely fun in their boring neighborhood and went over the edge. They decided to do something fun with their big chainsaw that is normally used to chop down huge trees. Here is what they did with it:

The voice of a drone approaching will never be same for me again! They also conveniently named it Killer Drone. So, double check every drone for such attachments in the future if you want your head to remain on your shoulders! This bad boy can bring down rows and rows of snowmen and trees down with relative ease. You don’t want to imagine what it could do to you!


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