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This Keyboard’s Keys Are Punching Bags On Which You Can Take Out Your Frustration

We all know how tense and often infuriating your workplace might become. What should one do when the office frustration feels like grinding you? The answer comes from a firm based in Berlin in the form of an amazing keyboard that has been created from punching bags. If a user wishes to type, the keys simply need to be kicked or hit.

A German firm by the name of Bless has created the keyboard for the 2nd Istanbul Design Biennial while the firm was quoted saying that it wanted to transform typing into a ‘full body experience’. Bless was created back in 1997 by Ines Kaag and works as a fashion/design studio?

The founders of the firm said, “We find it terribly outdated to have a day split into a working time and a leisure time. The Workout-computer constitutes a new live/work balance manifesto. A living and punching statement against a work routine seated in front of a screen that, through its immobility, causes aches and pains that require an investment of time in exercise to remedy it. A computer with a distributed keyboard made of punching bags, the Workout-computer ensures that typing becomes a full-body experience.”