This Japanese Woodworker Takes Sculpture Art To A Whole New Level

He made some wonderful sculptures using his newfound “three-dimensional wood inlay” technique that also allowed him to make these exceptional sculptures without the use of any coloring.

Wood Art is an old discipline, and many artists across the world have brought the world with fascinating designs carved into the wood for good. You might have seen roof-ceilings with carved wood designs, walls, and even carpets carved into the wooden floors, and least to say is that they make some pretty sights. The work of the Japanese artist Toru Fukuda has taken that wooden art aura to a next level. He made sculptures out of wood using a technique that no coloring was required even for the final touch-ups.

Fukuda gained much attention when one of his exceptional wood arts went viral online. At the first look, it appears as just a wooden board with some water spilled on it. But Fukuda wants to tell the world that it is not that simple, those drops of water are not actual drops of water, rather it is wood that just appears like that. The first look at the board will make you think if it is even true, or is it just a story. Fukuda’s wood art is actually that good.

Before posting a picture online, Fukuda tweeted that “I carved water droplets from wood,” and left thousands of followers curious as to what it is now. Given the guy’s track record of always bringing something exceptionally new to the world of wood art.

The fans of wood art and Fukuda’s followers were simply in awe at the first look, the way he carved realistic-looking water droplets into the wood is an extraordinary artwork, for your recalling, he uses zero varnishes or coloring on his masterpieces.

You must be wondering as to how did he do it then? He made use of an ebony longboard; it is a hardboard that becomes glossy when polished. He carved the rest of the board to leave the droplets surfaced above the rest of the board and only made use of a little wax to add that extra shine to the water droplets.

The guy claims to be the inventor of the “three-dimensional wood inlay” the technique that has allowed him to make wood art wonders. He is also a huge fan of insects and has made beetles and butterflies made entirely of wood, and appear shockingly realistic. Check out some of his wood art in the pictures below.

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