This Japanese Startup Has Starting Taking Deposits For Its $777,000 Hoverbikes

A.L.I Technologies, the Japanese firm has just developed a new race track hoverbike that can let motorists eschew four-wheelers in favor of the new “Icon of air mobility”. This hoverbike, called the XTurismo Limited Edition, is going on sale for a high sum of $777,000. It uses two central rotors boosted by a 228 HP gas-powered Kawasaki motorcycle performance engine for thrust. The vehicle’s outer edges have four smaller electric support rotors.

This hoverbike spans 12 feet from tip to tail. It is about 8 feet wide by 5 feet high. A.L.I Technologies mentions that its prototype can reach a top speed of 80 km/h. It can hover at the height of about eight feet, and it will be able to fly with a fully charged battery or when fueled up for about 40 minutes at speeds of up to 62 mph. Its lightweight carbon fiber body weighs about 660 lbs. This system is co-developed by A.L.I Technologies along with Toda Racing. Enhanced Safety is ensured through the usage of the automatic control unit.

These hoverbikes are allowed to fly or hover on race tracks only. It is done so because of strict regulations for such vehicles in Japan. $777,000 is an asking price for a hoverbike, and it does not seem like an easy sell.

A.L.I Technologies conducted a short flight test on October 26 at the Fuji Speedway. It can be seen how the bike had hovered a few feet above the race track in the foothills of Mount Fuji in this video:

Japan had granted a safety certificate to Tokyo-based Startup “SkyDrive” for its electric flying car. So it is possible for XTurismo too that it may be seen soon out in the wild. A.L.I Technologies has mentioned that it wanted to mass-produce all-electric hoverbikes for urban use as well as for search and rescue. It seems like personal flying cars and hoverbikes will take to the skies that could begin to take flight in a commercial capacity as early as 2023.

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