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This Japanese Muscle T-Shirt Gives You The Perfect Body In Seconds

What you are looking at is known as Delusion Splash T-shirt or the Faint Muscle Mousou Mapping T-shirt. It is another Japanese in a long list of garments that are aimed at helping customers give the appearance of having a toned physique. We have already seen the Super Macho T that relied on air to give the impression of muscle mass. However, Delusion Splash T-shirt makes use of clever shading to trick people into thinking that you look much better than you actually do.

Japanese clothing designers are focused on helping their customers get the kind of amazing physique that they want without having to step foot in the gym or opting for plastic surgery. The latest effort is the Delusion Splash T-shirt that has been designed to give the illusion of an enhanced body. It has been created by the creative minds at ekoD Works. It is also being called the Faint Muscle Mousou Mapping T-shirt.

According to the description on the ekoD Works, ‘This t-shirt brings to life the world of MOUSOU(=Illusion) that people secretly envision. With the unique Mousou Mapping technology of ekoD Works, just by wearing this shirt, the beautiful body you’ve always wanted will be faintly visible to others. With this, you’ll definitely attract a great deal of attention!’

The Faint Muscle Mousou Mapping T-shirt is available in two different variants. One variant is for men who are looking to create the illusion of having pectoral muscles that are toned and a six-pack. The other variant is intended for females who are looking to gain attention by using their seemingly perfect breasts. Both of these variants of Faint Muscle Mousou Mapping T-shirt are available for a price of $36 and are shipped worldwide.

ekoD strongly advises that you only hand wash the t-shirt and dry it from the inside out to safeguard the print and thus the intended function of the garment. What do you think of it?

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