This Japanese Company Specializes In A New Kind Of Fashion – For Robots


Because robots have every right to look fabulous as well

Rocket Road is a unique and first of its kind Japanese clothing brand that specializes in robot fashion, for every shape and size. Through this fashion apparel brand, it aims to bridge the gap between humans and robots and creates specialized and high-quality clothing for a number of big corporations including Softbank Robotics, Sony and Sharp.

Last month, the company announced the launch of its first lineup of functional protective cover wear for robotic arms which are available in 40 different colors and can be made from different materials, including dustproof, water-repellent, heat-resistant and anti-bacterial. These colorful robotic arm covers help add a personalized touch to the robotic arms in a somewhat dull environment. But designing clothes for a robot is not an easy task as they have to take into consideration the effect of clothing on the robot’s balance, make it heat-resistant and to allow the robot to function without any hinderance.

While this may come as a cultural shock for many, robots are a pretty common sight in Japan and robot clothing has been in ‘fashion’ for a while now. “It has become ‘natural’ for robots to wear clothes,” Rocket Road CEO, Yukinori Izumi, said. “It would be great if we could bring people closer to each other through robot apparel, and many people, including children, women, and the elderly, would be close to and utilize the robots to enrich their lives and social lives. And I would be honored if robot wear could create a new category in the apparel industry and become a new culture in Japan.” No wonder the robots in Japan look cute and stylish…

Yukinori Izumi himself led a very different lifestyle and experienced many different career paths. He studied Zen Buddhism in college, then worked in space design at a space display company, then proceeded to become a professional wrestler and fulfill his childhood dream. He even worked in Silicone Valley before returning to Japan and founding the unique robot apparel company, Rocket Road in 2016.  

Looks like now robots will take over the world with style.


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