This Japanese Company Has Created Full-Face UV Sunglasses – And The Results Are Quite Interesting

Tron Legacy coming to life?!

A Japanese company ZGHYBD has taken sunglasses fashion to the next level by introducing a pair of shades that cover your entire face. Add in the ongoing pandemic, it’s the perfect face shield to protect you from germs and harmful UV rays at the same time.

As far as weird sunglasses’ designs go, this face shield/full face sunglasses take the top spot. We’re not sure if it’s one giant polarized lens with a frame behind the ears or if it’s a larger version of a visor. The sunglasses are made of high-quality polycarbonate and measure 16.5 * 14.2cm. The unique sunglasses are also reported to withstand high pressure without deforming and have antifog properties so you might as well use them while skiing or some other ice sports activity. It’s also windproof and dustproof and the most important part: they protect not just your eyes but your whole face from UV radiations. Time to say goodbye to sunscreen, I guess.

The only advantage we can think of this design is that it offers more protection than conventional glasses especially against sprays, splashes, water droplets, oil, dust and even smoke. So if you’re thinking of going to a party next time, make sure you wear one to avoid inhaling all the smoke around you.

ZGHYBD’s new sunglasses cover both ends of the spectrum, they can be worn by celebrities trying to hide from the paparazzi in the public or by people seeking attention and looking for a way to stand out in a crowd. Either way, it looks something out of a futuristic sci-fi movie and probably no one would actually think about wearing one in reality (unless it’s a prank).

If you want to try out the sunglasses yourself and look like a character from the TRON series or if you’re an introvert and would prefer to avoid people you know in public, then you can find them on Amazon Japan for only $18 or 2000 yen. 

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