This Japanese Artist Creates Mind-Blowing Sculptures By Carving Into Fruits And Vegetables


Art knows no limits, bounds, or definitions. It is subjective and personal. The effort, thought, and creativity behind the end result is what make art so appreciable. People have different ways of expressing their creative thought process and this is what makes art so unique and touching.

Recently, the intricate artwork of a Japanese artist, Gaku has taken over Instagram and people cannot help but admire the precision in his work. The artist uses the Xacto knife to create art out of regular fruits and vegetables. It takes a lot of focus, time, and patience before these masterpieces make it to the ‘gram.

The work is inspired by the Japanese traditional food carving art called mukimono. Gaku takes fruits or vegetables from the grocery store and carves them into various patterns that include geometrical designs, traditional motifs and symbols, and even animal models.

We all know it takes a lot of time, attention, and patience to create the work. However, there is one more thing that Gaku has in his work. He is extremely fast in creating these pieces. This is because it is necessary to be fast or else, the fruits or vegetables will oxidize and change color. He has to finish the work and take photographs before the color is changed.

His work receives worldwide appreciation on his Instagram. It is almost impossible to believe that he is a self-taught food carving artist.

He states that he works on the food and then eats them after taking pictures.

He advises the people who are passionate about this skill to practice the work on bananas. This is because bananas are not very expensive and are delicious as well. Hence, nothing will be wasted.


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