This Japanese Anti-Temptation Safe Will Let You Lock Tempting Items For A Fixed Time

Are you a victim or procrastination and can’t get any work done? Or are you unable to put your phone aside for more than ten minutes? Or are you among the lot that has a case of a sweet tooth and just can’t stay away from calorie-filled stuff? If so, then this amazing anti-temptation safe is meant for you! The anti-temptation safe can be used for locking away things that you love for a preset amount of time.

Anti-Temptation Safe Will Let You Lock Items That You Love

The anti-temptation safe is being sold on Amazon Japan as a ‘kitchen safe’. The amazing gadget was designed to keep users away from enjoying calorie-rich treats. However, people soon realized that it could be super-effective at helping them with their procrastination habits as well. In fact, a Twitter user recently posted photos of his smartphone and Nintendo Switch controllers that had been locked in the anti-temptation safe.

Twitter user @ryogomatsumaru writes, ‘Recently, I’ve been wasting too much time fiddling with my smartphone, and it’s getting dangerous. So I bought the container, and it’s been even more helpful than I’d expected in making me get some work done. Totally recommending this for people who can’t stop fiddling with their phones or who easily get distracted at work!’

Looking at the reviews of this anti-temptation safe on Amazon Japan, it is quite obvious that the gadget is being loved by the users and has found all sorts of uses for itself. People are using it for locking away cigarettes and even placing their wallets and credit cards in it to keep a check on their spending habits. A person even wrote that he was using the anti-temptation safe to keep a check on his alcohol consumption.

Anti-Temptation Safe Will Let You Lock Items That You Love

The anti-temptation safe costs between $117 and $354 based upon the size and lid color. Although it has become viral in Japan, the gadget was created by an American company and was also featured on Shark Tank. It has been around for about six years but has become much more relevant thanks to the smartphone addiction that is on the rise.

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