This Janitor Pulls Off The Most Perfect Prank To Annoy People During Snow

Winter is Coming – Janitor Says2

Say if you’re a janitor and it has been snowing a lot lately. What is the best prank you could pull off? Exactly; shoveling snow in funny patterns and forcing the people to take the path created by you since there is just too much snow elsewhere.
Winter is Coming – Janitor Says
Winter is Coming – Janitor Says2

The video shows how people reacted to this prank that was actually pulled off by a janitor!



  1. Jim Reply

    Of course it doesn’t NEED to be shoveled…lol…that’s what makes it such an effective prank…to watch how people react to what they think is someone doing them a favor by not having to walk IN the snow.

    • 2spooky4u Reply

      living in a city that gets more snow than this that is too much for the city to handle walking a km takes 25 minutes shit you not.

  2. County Girl Reply

    I Live In Canada and am buried in snow.So that amount is nothing new.
    But it is still worth the giggle to watch. By the looks of some of them with there heads down in their jackets, I’d say it’s pretty cold so they wernt looking up.
    Yes easier to just walk threw but when its sholved might as well walk it till ya start doing circles lol and Canadians are nice !

  3. ShellWolf Reply

    …That needed to be shoveled? That’s only a few inches, just walk through it dang it! XD Then again, I’m from upstate NY, so that’s nothing to me… If this is someplace that doesn’t see snow all that often, then I may be able to understand a little better.

  4. Catdragon Reply

    And why can’t they just walk through the snow? Are they afraid of it or do they lack common sense?

    • Spicoli Reply

      There is no such thibg as common sense anymore!
      You can’t teach common sense, n you can’t cure stupid! Lmao

  5. Erik Rune Reply

    Lame there is not even 6 inches of snow there, walk threw it….it does not need to be shoveled….but then i an a Canadian…Snow is nothing….

      • Jim Reply

        Who says we’re SUPPOSED to be nice? LOL…a very common misconception =P

      • jdimsa Reply

        I have lived in bc my whole life and I can attest that we are all assholes. thank god people have this idea we are good people though

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