This Is Why The World Is Running Out Of Sand And Leading To A Black Market

earth is running out of sand

In the past few years, the earth has been running out of the sand. This might not look like a big deal, but the sand is a crucial ingredient in cement, concrete and even electronic devices. It is used as an essential ingredient in most of the modern day items and is therefore, very critical. The requirement and the global demand is so high that the shortage has resulted in the emergence of violent black market gangs who steal the sand whenever they can. Dozens of the small islands have disappeared since the rise of these criminals. The UN has warned about this scarcity already. Pascal Peduzzi, head of the Global Change & Vulnerability Unit at the United Nations Environment Program said, “In some places, sand is not abundant anymore, so we need to reconsider the way we are dealing with sand.”

The Club of Rome has also released a report on the deficiency dangers of the sand. The report states, “The production of many mineral commodities appears to be on the verge of decline… we may be going through a century-long cycle that will lead to the disappearance of mining as we know it.” The YouTube channel Verge Science has explained all the details about the sand scarcity and its effects in details. Watch this video to know the impact of the problem the world will be facing soon.

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