This Is Why Power Shifting Is Not Such A Great Thing To Do

This Is Why Power Shifting Is Not Such A Great Thing To Do!

Do you all know what power shifting is and how it affects your vehicle? Well, if you are unsure; then this is the right place to be for we have Jason Fenske here that will be explaining the no-lift shifting or power shifting to you while talking about its effects on your vehicle.

For those of you who are not aware of Jason Fenske, this guy runs a YouTube channel by the name of Engineering Explained and has an undying affinity for everything car-related. Our regular readers are well aware that we love featuring Fenske’s work as his clear and concise manner of explanation never fails to surprise us and learn more about our trusted companions of the road.

This Is Why Power Shifting Is Not Such A Great Thing To Do!

Let’s start with the most important question first, shall we? What is the power shifting? Power shifting is the name given to the kind of shifting your gears while driving a manual transmission vehicle wherein you shift gears without ever lifting your foot from the accelerator. There has been a lot of debate about whether it is beneficial or not and if it’s okay for you to subject your car to this. However, today Fenske will be putting that discussion to an end altogether.

The video’s description reads, ‘In this video, we break down exactly what power shifting is, and what’s happening internally for your transmission, so you know whether or not it’s bad for your clutch, synchronizers, gears, and drivetrain.’ When you are in a high-speed situation, some people prefer the power shift to keep the RPM even when changing up to the next gear. This is done to remain in the power band or to reduce the shifting time.

Powershifting can help you save a lot of time if you are in a speed race but it subjects your synchronizer rings to extreme stress because of the jerk effect that is caused during a power shift. Anyway, that is enough from us. It is time for you to hear the man speak – check out the video below and let us know what you think of it!

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