This Is Why People In New York Don’t Hire Contractors For Everyday Repair


Who wants to pay for something they didn’t get? No one! When you are paying for something, you expect to see the work done in a correct way. But in New York City, things don’t work that way. A YouTuber has created a video which shows why New Yorkers don’t pay the contractors. Louis Rossmann, the YouTuber, is showing a recent repair done by an air conditioning contractor. He was hired to fix the leaking machine and he did create a way to fix it, somehow.

Rossmann showed how the contractor used a small plastic household funnel and some plastic tubing to move the excess water from the air conditioning unit. The fix could’ve been perfectly fine if he had used some nails and pipe holders instead of fixing the items with a ‘packing tape’. Rossmann ranted about the situation and then signed off to go back to work. He hosts a lot of videos about various topics which includes topics about Apple computer repair to his rants about racial diversity and privilege.

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