This Is Why Cement Is Bad For Our Planet

Why Is Cement So Bad For Our Planet Earth?

Cement is a crucial part of concrete and concrete is what we use for building our cities. However, cement is extremely polluting and harms our dear planet Earth. Welcome to yet another informative and educational video by MinuteEarth that will tell you exactly how cement is bad for Earth.

Why Is Cement So Bad For Our Planet Earth?

Although cement is a much-required item for concrete’s production that is used for our ever-growing cities, however, cement manufacturing is not very environment-friendly; instead it is very polluting. Cement is made using sand, rocks, and water. However, its manufacturing requires the burning of a lot of fossil fuel.

In fact, for every ton of cement that we manufacture; about a ton of CO2 is emitted into our atmosphere. As cities are becoming more and more crowded, this problem is slowly but surely becoming more and more massive.

So, what can be done about this whole fiasco? One amazing solution would be to take out the limestone from cement. How does that help? As it happens, the limestone is what causes the release of carbon dioxide when limestone breaks down. There are alternatives that can be used, but most of those alternatives are either too expensive or in the early stages of development. However, that doesn’t mean that no alternatives are being used; some are actually being used.

Why Is Cement So Bad For Our Planet Earth?

By building our cities using cement that is free of limestone, we will be able to help our planet by a great deal. Since building cities is an ongoing activity, we must actively focus on coming up with other alternatives to prevent the polluting of Earth.

What do you think? Are you aware of any such alternative that can be used instead of limestone in cement? Do let us know! Oh, and here’ the video by MinuteEarth that will explain in detail how cement is polluting the Earth.

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