This Is What You Need To Check Before Buying Your Next Mineral Water Bottle

Make Sure You Check The Label Before You Buy Water Bottle

Bottled water isn’t really of much benefit  considering the compromises on quality of water that are made during its manufacturing. However, we all tend to keep one or two of these bottles around just in case of an emergency. Right?

Make Sure You Check The Label Before You Buy Water Bottle 2
These bottles are usually labelled, right? Ever wondered what that means? Our guess is you never have. However, it is a good practice to read the labels and to know what the abbreviations stand for since that can really help you out in making wise decisions pertaining to your health and environment. We have compiled this list where we shall tell you what the labels on water bottles mean. The abbreviations are located inside the recycle symbol and can be PP or HDP. This can tell you a great deal about the plastic bottle and that is what you need to know really.


The plastic bottle might have added metals and chemicals into the water which will subsequently alter the hormonal balance in your body.


This water is the safest when compared with other types of plastic bottles and water they contain. This plastic is least likely to add anything to water.

3V or PVC

You should not drink it because this plastic releases toxic chemicals that will impact the hormonal balance of your body.


Well, LDPE is only used for making plastic bags. Strange!


This plastic can release carcinogenic substance. It is used while producing fast food casings and coffee cups. Another name for it is ‘Styrofoam’.

PC, or simply not labeled at all

It has BPA – an endocrine disruptor. This is the plastic usually used in sports water bottles and a few of the food containers.

So next time you buy a mineral water bottle, make a wise choice!


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