This Is What Happens When You Light A Match Near A Frozen Lake

Set Fire To The Frozen Lake

This frozen lake looks amazing, right? Be careful though because those nice looking bubbles that can be seen underneath the ice surface are filled with methane gas, which is highly flammable. Scientists refer to them as ‘ice grenades’ and we believe they have been named spot on.Set Fire To The Frozen Lake 2

These bubbles collect the gas from decomposed organic matter. The methane trapped inside is quite harmless itself, but once it mixes with oxygen, it becomes explosive. Even a small flick of fire can result in a huge blast.

Methane is released into the atmosphere once the ice thaws and according to scientists, adds to the global warming. However, some researchers support the thought that this methane can be used as an alternative source of energy. All that needs to be done is to capture it and burn it in a controlled manner.Set Fire To The Frozen Lake 3

Katey Walter Anthony, aquatic ecologist and biogeochemist has been working with this concept for quite some time in Siberia and Alaska. What follows is a video by Norwegian nature enthusiast Rune Pettersen and shows these methane bubbles in action!

Did you find this surprising? Well, you will also find these ice bumpers astonishing too. Check them out here

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